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On the morning of November 29, the opening ceremony for Seminar for Senior Executives of State-owned Enterprises in Developing Countries 2019, which was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and organized by Training Base of International Commerce Officers (Shanghai) of SBS, was held at Xuhui Campus. Liu Beimin, Deputy Director from Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Fu Jiandong, Associate Dean of School of Continuing Education, were present at the opening ceremony for the seminar.


State-owned enterprises are important pillars of the national economy. Reform and development of state-owned enterprises has been an important part of China’s economic reform, and it is closely associated with social stability and development. “Seminar for Senior Executives of State-owned Enterprises in Developing Countries 2019” was designed to facilitate the exchange and cooperation between China and developing countries in the domain of state-owned enterprise management, provide developing countries with China's experience in the reform of state-owned enterprises, share the achievements that China has made in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, and open a new window of opportunity to China and developing countries so that they can complement each other's advantages and realize open development.

The current session lasted for 21 days, and senior executives of state-owned enterprises from developing countries totaling 44 ones attended the seminar. Experts and scholars specialized in relevant domains from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai, Shanghai Academy of Social Science, China Management Science Society and AllBright Law Offices etc. would be invited to the seminar, and they would share their practical experience and research achievements in the domain of state-owned enterprise management with the trainees on the theme of Modern State-owned Enterprise System with Chinese Characteristics, innovative practice of Chinese enterprises, practices and exploration of state capital and SOE reforms in Shanghai. During the seminar, trainees would go to Huadong Construction Group (International) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nokia Alcatel-Lucent Co., Ltd. and China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited and other units for visit and learning, so that the trainees have opportunities to have close observation of the reform and development practices of SOEs in Shanghai. Before the conclusion of seminar, the trainees would go to Qingdao and Rizhao in Shandong Province for investigation to further understand the development status of state-owned enterprises in China.

Mr. Wickness Wicky Mania Akau, a trainee representative from National Provident Fund Commission of Vanuatu delivered a speech and he said that, “today, China has grown into one of the largest economies in the world, and we need to learn to handle issues and solve problems by introducing Chinese experience. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Shanghai Business School for the opportunity, and I believe that the seminar will provide good guidance to SOE's reform and development in our country, and the knowledge that we have learned is of great importance to our country.”

Drafted by Li Yujing 

Photographed by Li Yujing 

Reviewed by Chen Wei 

Edited by Shen Weiping



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